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Formation at Worth takes two forms, the first is an induction into the Catholic faith and the Benedictine ethos so that pupils can find their feet here and feel comfortable living in a faith environment. Then at a second (and voluntary) level there is an evangelisation programme, so that pupils at any stage of their time here can experience and respond to the call of Christ in their lives.

“Relationships between pupils of different ethnic and religious backgrounds are exemplary.” ISI Inspection 2017.


The Christian Theology department runs the Arete programme in Year 9 and in the Sixth Form. This is a regular formation programme which introduces students to the Catholic faith and Benedictine ethos in an engaging and helpful way.

It provides useful information for those arriving in the School in Year 9 and in the Sixth Form and it invites pupils to understand faith in a deeper and more profound way. In the final year of the Sixth Form it requires pupils to complete a piece of work of their own choosing and in a medium of their own preference which reflects their understanding of faith.


Oasis seeks to help students in Years 7 to 9 explore the Catholic faith in an unpressurised environment with the help of older students. The older students are trained specifically to accompany the younger students so as to help them enter more fully into the faith life of the School. To help this happen we use tools such as the Youth Alpha Film series as well as our own material to help the students explore Christianity and the Benedictine values.

Oasis training is where the older students in the School are equipped very intentionally to accompany the younger students in Years 7 to 9. There are three areas to our training: firstly we foster a community environment which enables the helpers to grow in their own faith; this is then complemented by faith formation which helps them to grow personally in their relationship with God; finally, the helpers are equipped with practical skills to interact with the younger years and answer the many questions that they often have.


Subiaco is the name given to school lectio divina groups. These are open to Year 9s and above and are cross-year and House faith groups which meet weekly for faith and friendship, using lectio divina (the prayerful reading of scripture) as their foundational practice. They are student led, with the leaders meeting regularly with the Chaplaincy team for training and ongoing formation.


The Chaplaincy, through the Forerunners, offer mentoring to a number of pupils throughout the school who want to take up the opportunity. While focusing mainly on empowering the Chaplaincy student leaders by helping them in their own faith journey, a student may also receive mentoring for pastoral reasons or simply because they desire someone to coach them in everyday life skills and situations.

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