All candidates must ensure that they are aware of the regulations which apply to examinations, including those for written examinations, controlled assessments and coursework assessments.

  • Individual timetables for every GCSE or A Level student will be available from March via both the Pupil and Parent Portals
  • Individual timetables for IB students can be obtained by contacting the Examinations Officer at vparsons@worth.org.uk
  • GCSE and A Level Examination results will be available in August via the Pupil Portal and, if enabled by the student, on the Parent Portal
  • IB students will be able to access their results electronically from the IBO on 6th July

Candidates should also be aware of the following information documents. Any questions specifically on the examination process should be directed to our Examinations Officer, Mrs Vivien Parsons on 01342 710212 or email exams@worth.org.uk

Information for Candidates - Coursework: Click here  

Information for Candidates - Non Examination Assessments: Click here  

Information for Candidates - Privacy Notice: Click here  

Information for Candidates - Social Media: Click here  

Information for Candidates - Written Examinations: Click here  

CIE Information for Candidates  

2019-20 Examination timetables

A Level Timetable Summer 2020

GCSE Timetable Summer 2020

IB Schedule May 2020

As usual, there are a number of exam clashes for some students and these will be discussed on an individual basis in February, once the final entries have been confirmed with the exam boards.

2019-20 Exam Results Days

IB Results are issued on Monday 6th July 2020

A Level results are issued on Thursday 13th August 2020

IGCSE & GCSE results are issued on Thursday 20nd August 2020

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