The Mathematics Department is passionate about helping all our pupils reach their potential in this very important discipline, through understanding, application and enjoyment. The Department consists of a team of nine dedicated and highly-qualified mathematics teachers who each have strengths in particular areas of the subject.

Mathematics is studied by all pupils in Years 7 to 11. Pupils are divided into sets according to ability and their progress is monitored carefully through performance in lessons and in written tasks. Pupils are encouraged to seek individual help from their teachers when they find a concept difficult. Our IGCSE results in recent years demonstrate that all students in every set have the opportunity to achieve high levels in the subject.

Mathematics is the most popular subject taught in the Sixth Form, with more than 50% of AS students and all IB students experiencing the joys and challenges of higher level concepts. In addition, our most able A Level mathematicians have the opportunity to study Further Maths. Many of our students have progressed to read mathematics or mathematics-related courses at top universities including Oxford and Cambridge.

As well as the usual classroom teaching, there are opportunities for extension work for pupils of all ages through the UKMT Maths Challenge individual and team competitions, as well as the popular code-breaking club which runs in the Autumn and Lent terms.

Mr Matthew Doggett

Mr Matthew Doggett