EAL is delivered in small classes froms Years 7 to 11, where each Year Group is taught a programme designed to improve ability and increase confidence in accessing the wider curriculum.

Students work their way through a comprehensive course in the study of grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Alongside, they learn essay skills, read poetry and novels critically, address different types of writing and develop presentation and public speaking skills. In addition, EAL students at Worth are also taught about British tradition and about life and culture in modern Britain. Besides the EAL course, the department offers preparation for the Cambridge First (CIE), an internationally recognised qualification set by the Cambridge Board. Students who wish to take this exam may do so in Year 9 and Year 10. The exam fees are charged separately and paid directly to the exam board. Please note, the First Certificate classes will run depending on student numbers. However, exam preparation can also be given on a one-to-one basis.

EAL lessons are a condition of entry based on the results of entrance tests. The level of EAL support required is assessed during the entry procedure. The School, however, retains the right to increase the level of support, if necessary, when students are re-assessed later in the academic year. Parents will be notified if this is the case. EAL provision is reviewed annually. Charges include  all materials required for the course.

Please note, due to timetabling limitations, it might not always be possible to combine EAL with Latin or Modern Foreign Languages.

Year 7

Group lessons (based on four lessons per fortnight) – £460.

Years 8, 9, 10 & 11

Group lessons (based on five lessons per fortnight) – £570.

Structure and Fees in the Sixth Form

Students are assessed for English language ability during the admissions procedure and the level of support required is evaluated and agreed. However, the School reserves the right to increase the level of EAL support when students are re-assessed or if they are under-performing. In addition, all Year 13 A Level students (who do not have a recognised English qualification) are required to take the preparation course for the Cambridge IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam where deemed necessary, so as to safeguard entry to British universities (a score of Level 6.5 or above is required by most UK universities).

In Year 12, students enrol for the advanced EAL course, receiving timetabled lessons over the academic year which cover intensive grammar, advanced writing skills, academic reading skills and communication. The focus is on strengthening ability and confidence, consolidating knowledge and addressing any weak areas highlighted in assessments. It is unusual for students to continue group EAL lessons in Year 13 but the department makes provision for such support. The fees for EAL in Years 12 and 13 include all materials required for the course.

EAL Years 12 & 13

Group lessons – £530 per term.


Students are prepared for this course over the academic year and while the focus is on preparation for the IELTS exam, students are also taught exam skills that are applicable to the wider curriculum. As such, the course concludes at the end of the academic year and students continue to learn additional skills after they sit the exam. The fees for the course are £510 per term and are billed termly in arrears. In addition the IELTS exam fees (£175 as of July 2019) must be paid separately and directly to the exam board during Spring term.

1:1 EAL lessons

The EAL programme is tailored to the needs of our students. As such, students who need individual lessons rather than group lessons attend weekly lessons where the focus is on subject-specific language support. The lessons are generally over a one hour period every week and are bespoke to the needs of the student helping them with general understanding, improving reading, writing and communication skills or with specific academic subjects.

1:1 lessons – £50 per lesson or £355 per term.

Note: All fees described above are billed termly in arrears.

Mr David Marks

Mr David Marks