IGCSE Chemistry

From Year 9 students begin studying the Edexcel International Chemistry GCSE level, concentrating on the core units relevant to all of our IGCSE courses. In Year 10, students embark on their chosen science course. Topics covered include: chemical bonding, the Periodic Table, factors affecting rate of reaction, energetics and some organic chemistry.

Practical work puts theory into practice and develops essential skills for further study of this subject. Chemistry trips enable students to appreciate how a knowledge of chemistry is critical to everyday materials, technology and innovations.

Chemistry in the Sixth Form

Both A Level and IB Chemistry give a comprehensive insight into the different branches of the subject. It builds upon material previously encountered, but also includes modern spectroscopic techniques and a considerable quantity of organic chemistry including reaction mechanisms. At A Level, we follow the AQA Specification including the practical endorsement. The IB course includes the opportunity to study one option topic in greater depth and to undertake an independent project. Both courses have a substantial practical content.

Visits are arranged for students to attend lectures to appreciate the applications of chemistry in the “real” world. We also provide support to our students in their preparation for university interviews, including Oxbridge and Medicine.

Mrs Andrea Kirpalani

Mrs Andrea Kirpalani