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The Chaplaincy is located at the heart of the School community and acts as the Spiritual, Catholic and Benedictine link from the Monastic community to the School. The Chaplaincy consists of a team of young evangelists called Forerunners, led by Will Desmond.

The work of the Chaplaincy is to give pastoral support to each of the ten Houses. Each of the Houses has an appointed principal Chaplain, often with an assistant Chaplain as part of the team. The Chaplaincy is also responsible for school liturgies and the spiritual formation and evangelisation of the whole School community.

“Pupils exercise their responsibilities conscientiously, and all demonstrate a strong social awareness, enjoying collaborative initiatives and the leadership opportunities provided.” ISI Inspection 2017.


Baptism and First Communion:

Most pupils who arrive at Worth have received these sacraments, however if they have not there is an opportunity for them to prepare for and receive these sacraments. This is done on an ad hoc system to fit in with and suit the needs of individual students.


There is an opportunity to go to confession once a week at Friday night prayers, also pupils can make an arrangement with their House Chaplain to receive this sacrament.


Confirmation is the central component of the chaplaincy evangelisation programme. It starts in Year 10 and runs all through the year. The first three sessions are compulsory for all Year 10, to communicate fully what Confirmation is, and finishes with a day of reflection where they either opt in to the programme or opt out. After this the preparation properly starts and consists of whole group presentations and small discussion groups. At this stage an Anglican group will be formed who will participate with the main programme but do some sessions on their own. Halfway through the Lent Term there is retreat weekend to the De La Salle retreat centre in Kintbury. The Confirmation services (Catholic and Anglican) take place on the same day (morning and afternoon) at the beginning of the Summer Term. After the service the sessions continue to the end of the year. For more details please see our Confirmation Booklet.


The Chaplaincy plays a role in encouraging voluntary service at Worth. As well as having a Justice and Peace group we run activities locally at a homeless centre – the Open House, a Cheshire home – and help with an assisted shopping programme for the elderly. There are also regular service trips overseas, with recent examples being to Borneo in 2019, to Irundu in Uganda in 2018 and to an orphanage in Peru iin 2016 in support of the work of Outreach Peru.


The Nazareth group is for all students who are carrying out leadership roles within the Chaplaincy including Subiaco leaders and Oasis teams. The group meets weekly on Wednesdays, 5.30-7pm in the Chaplaincy, for formation and training.

Identity Magazine

The first issue of Identity was published in April 1996 and has proved very popular ever since. Published twice yearly, the magazine strives to reflect the Benedictine ideal of balance: a balance of ideas and feelings, of the personal and communal, of the creative and the analytic. Perhaps the most striking feature of Identity is the honesty with which the student contributors write about their personal experience. This is particularly fitting for a Benedictine school as the key virtue in the Rule of St Benedict is humility, the ability to be honest and truthful about one’s strengths and weaknesses. 

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