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Don’t miss Haydn’s ‘Nelson’ Mass on Sunday, 3rd March at 7.30pm in the Abbey Church.

As well as the fabulous ‘Nelson’ Mass, there will also be a performance of the Finale from Saint Saëns Organ Symphony with organ soloist Luke Navin (Year 12) and the Worth Symphony Orchestra.  The Music Department is also promising a performance of a movement from the Mozart Sinfonia Concertante for solo violin and solo viola and orchestra, with two Worth School pupils as soloists – Samson Hui and Arnold Lee.

The concert begins at 7.30 pm in the Abbey Church with a retiring collection in aid of Sandy Gall’s Afghanistan Appeal.  Entrance is free and all are welcome.

Other dates for the diary

Sunday 17th March at 4.00 pm – Seasonal organ music recital by internationally acclaimed organist  D’Arcy Trinkwon.

Sunday 24th March at 7.30 pm – Tenebrae: a sequence of word and music for Lent.

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