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School Publications

To request a copy of any of the school’s printed publications please fill in the Enquiry Form. Alternatively, those underlined can be viewed in PDF form.

Worth Record

The Worth Record is our annual yearbook, recording the life of the school and the events, achievements and successes of the past academic year. The 2012-13 edition was published in December 2013 and copies are available from the School on request.


 The termly newsletter of Worth School. Through Insight the school is able to communicate regularly with a number of different audiences and aims to promote a better understanding of the school and its ethos. Click below to view (Click on corner of pages to turn the page);


Summer 2011 Issue

Autumn 2011 Issue

Spring 2012 Issue

Summer 2012 Issue

Winter 2012 Issue

Spring 2013 Issue 

Summer 2013 Issue 

Winter 2013 Issue 


The biannual publication produced by Sixth Form students at Worth, giving a voice to the spiritual riches at the heart of the School and community and promoting a greater awareness of the school's Benedictine ethos. Identity is produced by the School Chaplaincy and a team of committed students. In the first editorial (April 1996) its aims were set out: 'Identity will encourage students, teachers and parents to exchange experiences and views about religious, moral and social issues.'

To obtain copies of Identity, please contact Mr Eamon Manning at

Insight Summer 2012  
 Identity Summer 2012  Identity issue 28, Winter 2009 

The Blue Paper

The Blue Paper is the magazine of Worth Society (previously known as Worth Old Boys Society) and receiving this publication is one of the benefits of Worth Society membership. The magazine features news of 'old' Worth students from around the world as well as highlighting some of the work Worth Society is involved in such as the Global Action Awards. Worth Society aims to "make a real difference to past, current and future pupils, to Worth and to a wider community" (Simon McMenemy, Rutherford '89, Director, Worth Society)

The Blue Paper 2011-12 is now available from Worth Society.

A House Called Paddockhurst

A monk of Worth Abbey has written a brief and fascinating history of the beautiful manor house that now forms part of Worth School, once owned by an enterprising builder, a pioneering inventor and a Lord of the realm. A House Called Paddockhurst reveals the architectural development and something of the remarkable residents of the building.

Dom. Ian Condon has dedicated himself to uncovering the history of the site, and in particular the architectural flourishes that make the Worth School and Abbey buildings so interesting. The house was sold to Worth Abbey by the Cowdray family in 1933 along with the surrounding farm buildings, workshops and cottages. It was here that Abbot John Chapman of Downside Abbey, Somerset, decided to set up the junior school that was to become Worth Senior School in 1959.

A London builder, George Smith, originally bought the site in 1862 and hired an architect who had previously worked on Windsor Castle to build a mock Tudor mansion. In 1881 the property was sold to an engineer from Lancashire, Robert Whitehead. A Navy man, Whitehead made his name as the inventor of the torpedo, and made his mark on the Paddockhurst site by adding, among other things, a large music room and a water tower (now a clock tower).

The first Baron Cowdray purchased the house in 1894 and hired Aston Webb, responsible for the façade of Buckingham Palace, to remodel and embellish the building.  Lord Cowdray died in 1927, but during his ownership of the site the house and grounds were extensively developed, much of which can still be seen today. The book features numerous photographs showing astonishing details from the house, both past and present.

The 24-page book is published by Worth School (ISBN 978-0-9565229-0-0) and copies are available from the Abbey bookshop at £2.50.

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