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Head Master's Welcome


A Benedictine school for a changing world

Worth is known for its strong community values, friendly atmosphere and the excellence of its all-round education. As a Benedictine Catholic school we encourage our pupils to develop their own individuality whilst living within a community that inspires learning, worship, friendship and service. If you are looking for a school in which your son or daughter will be able to achieve both academically and in other ways, you have found it in Worth. If you want a school in which they are encouraged to discover more about themselves, become part of an extended family, be prepared for life beyond school and inspired to achieve, then you need look no further.

Visit us and discover what it is that makes us special and why your child will flourish here. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Gino Carminati
Head Master

Our 10 Benedictine values for community living

These values guide our way of life here at Worth and provide direction and inspiration for the entire community.

  • Community - We grow as individuals through a life of inter-dependence
  • Worship - God is placed at the centre of our lives through communal worship
  • Humility - We are honest about our strengths and weaknesses
  • Listening & Consultation - We listen for God's voice in our own hearts and in our encounters with other people
  • Stewardship - We honour the goodness of God's creation by our care for the environment
  • Hospitality - We welcome the newcomer 'with the warmth of love'
  • Service - In serving others we meet Christ and grow in love of each other
  • Fidelity in Relationships - God is faithful to us and we find our true selves in stable and committed relationships
  • Balance & Moderation - The daily routine of the school takes into account our different strengths and weaknesses
  • Silence - Silence is required for prayer and reflection


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