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Selecting a school can be a difficult process and it is important that you choose the school that will best suit your child and your family circumstances.  Worth caters for boys and girls between the ages of 11 to 18, with just under 600 students at the school.

The majority of pupils join Worth at age 11 (Year 7), age 13 (Year 9) or age 16 for entry into the Sixth Form. However, pupils may also join the school in Years 8 and 10.

Please note that Worth welcomes day girls into the lower school (Year 7), and day and boarding girls into Year 9.  We are also offer a flexi-boarding option for Year 7 and 8 boys.

Every school has a slightly different admissions process. At Worth, we recommend that you start your research two years prior to the proposed enrolment date. Should you wish to apply for Year 7 or Year 9 for 2014 or 2015 entry, you will need to register your son or daughter: click to download the Registration Form.

Click here to read the school's Admissions Policy in full. School Policies can be found in both the School Publications and the Essential Information pages of this website.

The Admissions and Registration Process

The admissions process varies slightly depending on which academic year your son or daughter will be joining Worth. The following steps are normally taken:

Step 1: Contact the school and request a prospectus, via the Enquiry Form if you wish

Step 2: Attend one of our Open Events

Step 3: Complete the Registration Form

Step 4: Arrange an individual visit to the school by contacting the Registrar via the Enquiry Form

Step 5: Year 7 and 9 entry - Sit entrance tests in January of the year of entry. For 2014 entry complete the Year 7 (11+) Entrance Test application form or the Year 9 Entrance Test application form and return together with copies of at least two school reports. Worth School will also request references from your son or daughter's current school.

Confirmed offers are made during February and acceptance and deposits are required in March.  Interviews are held in the Autumn Terms. 

Worth is now also offering the opportunity to take part in the entrance process one year earlier for those seeking entry into Year 9 for 2015 onwards; please complete the Year 9 Pre-Entrance Test application form for 2015 entry. These entrance tests will be held in January 2014.

Offers for 2015 entry will be confirmed in March 2014; acceptance and deposit will be required in April 2014.

Sixth Form entry - No entrance tests, offers are based on interview, reports, references and predicted minimum of 6 GCSEs at at least grade B.  Scholarship exams in the November of the academic year prior to entry.

Step 6: Enrolment in September and induction day for new pupils.

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