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There are a number of ways you can support Development at Worth.

  • A gift to our Legacy Appeal
  • School Bursaries
  • St Bruno's Fund – The Open Cloister
  • Outdoor Learning Project

Whether you choose to support Bursaries or one of our other projects mentioned above, you will help Worth to grow and respond to the needs of our expanding community. Gifts at any level will be gratefully received and directed to the area of your choosing. Please join us today and help us to continue to fulfil our mission to bring an outstanding education to as many children as possible. Thank you for your consideration and support.

A Gift to our Legacy Appeal

Many members of our wider community are at the stage in life when they begin to consider what their final legacy will be. Once family and friends are appropriately remembered, thoughts often turn to charities and institutions which figure prominently in a person's life. For many, the years spent at school are some of the most signifcant and life-forming times. This is especailly true at Worth, not only because of the excellent education provided, but also because of the spiritual guidance provided by the monks of Worth Abbey. Pledging a legacy provides you with the chance to make a chartiable gift in your will, which has no cost to you during your lifetime. 

School Bursaries

At the heart of Worth School is the desire to provide an outstanding Catholic, Benedictine education to as many children as possible. We currently provide bursaries to a number of bright, talented boys and girls who could not otherwise afford the benefits of a Worth education. We would like to expand this provision but we can only do this with your help and support.

Bursaries can be life changing for the right pupils when matched with the right school. The boys and girls we seek are motivated, bright, hardworking and display those character traits we believe will make them positive and productive members of the Worth community and beyond. The experience of a Worth education will raise aspirations and open doors for these boys and girls and give them opportunities they would not have otherwise. In return, they will give our current pupils a wider perspective on life and bring fresh insights and, hopefully, a wider understanding of the world, better preparing them for life in the 21st century.

We are currently seeking donations to enhance our already existing bursaries provision, which will allow us to open the doors of Worth to an increasing number of boys and girls. Your gift will make a significant difference in the life of a child. However, none of this is possible without your help and support. If you share our vision for a more equal access to education, please consider making a gift, at any level, to our bursaries fund.

St Bruno's Fund – The Open Cloister

More information to follow soon.

Outdoor Learning Project

Worth has always provided an outstanding academic education, and there are a number of enhancements outside the classroom we would like to include in our co-curricular provision to all our pupils. These are programmes which will enhance the experience of our boys and girls and broaden their horizons during their time at Worth and beyond. These projects will also, we hope, give them a better understanding of the world around them and what their place in that world may be. These projects are hands-on and experiential and will provide time for reflection and encourage growth. They will also give them the opportunity to experiment and to grow emotionally through group work and shared experiences. There will be a strong emphasis on the natural world, social awareness and responsibility and Catholic values. The current project focus is the Forest School programme, which embodies our commitment to experiential outdoor learning.

The Forest School is an especially interesting programme which we would like to expand and develop. Primary school students come and spend an afternoon in the woods at Worth with our students teaching them to build shelters, use tools, climb trees, explore and much more. We target primary schools in areas of social deprivation that could not afford this type of activity and they come regularly for two years. Through their experiences and contact with Worth, the primary school students develop all sorts of 'soft skills' such as resilience and perseverance, team work and communication as well as growing in self-esteem and self-worth. Worth students of course grow in these areas as well as growing in leadership and social responsibility. As part of the programme we also train their teachers as forest school leaders so that eventually they can establish their own programme and integrate it more fully into their curriculum. This project will enhance the experience of every child who participates. If you share our vision for this project we invite you to make a donation at any level to help us to provide the very best education in and out of the classroom.

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